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After all these years of hard work, you have finally acquired all of the possessions you desire.  Congratulations!!!  With summer vacation coming up and those trips already planned, have you considered that something might happen while you are gone?  Are they insured?  If not click here.


Now that you have them insured, do you have them all recorded for insurance purposes?  We take a video copy of your possessions and transfer it to CD.   Included in the inventory are any receipts, documents, recipes, tax forms, etc. (Up to 30 documents).  Also includes 24 pictures 8x10 or smaller. If you have more than this, we can create separate CD's based on rates in the table below

Inventory CD $80 25% off thru June 30th
Photo CD $.15 per picture  
Documents $.12 per page (single sided)  
Tax papers $.12 per page (single sided)  
manuscripts $.12 per page (single sided)  
Copies of each CD $15 10% off thru June 30th

*-prices subject to change without notice.

^-All document CD's have a $15 CD charge associated with them.