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Data, the one thing we can't afford to lose, yet most computer operators do not perform backups.  Those who do must then restore their data from slow media (floppies, tape drives).  These media can be erased or damaged.  CD it!!!

Data can be stored on any of the following media options

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5.25" floppy 3.5" floppy 100 MB zip disks 650 MB CD ROM

Backup Rates 

(file servers excluded)


Desktop/Laptop One time Weekly* Biweekly* Monthly
1-10 computers $15 ea $7 ea $8 ea $15 ea
11-20 computers $13 ea $6 ea $7 ea $13 ea
20+ computers $11 ea $5 ea $6 ea $11 ea

*-requires a one time backup to be run then weekly and biweekly updates added. 

File servers** One time Weekly* Biweekly* Monthly
1-10 computers $50 ea $ 20 ea $26 ea $50ea
11-20 computers $45 ea $18 ea $25 ea $45 ea
20+ computers $40 ea $16 ea $24 ea $40 ea


All updates will be saved on zip disks and written to CD at the end of each month.  Additional copies of CD's are available at cost of $15 each.  Data from all computers will be stored on the same cd unless more space is necessary.

^-*-prices subject to change without notice.

**-File server backups are based on a per server data amount of 2GB.  Any servers containing more than this amount of data will be subject to an increased cost.


Asthe holidays near and vacations begin, wouldn't it be nice to know all of your documents are all stored safely away and are easily accessible?  Have copies of them at your fingertips.  Store them all on CD.  Although they are not necessarily legal documents, copies of them may  help you in obtaining new ones.  Fires, floods and tornados are not selective, they destroy everything.  Insurance can replace your furniture, but not your important papers.  Children with matches or faulty wiring can cause your possessions to go Up in smoke


Inventory CD $135 $100 thru June 30th
Photo CD $.15 per picture  
Documents $.12 per page (single sided)  
Tax papers $.10 per page (single sided)  
manuscripts $.11 per page (single sided)  
Copies of each CD $15 $13.50 thru June 30th

*-prices subject to change without notice.

^-All CD's have a $15 fee associated with them