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Prices may be different than those listed.  Check with your local bookstore.  We can order them for you at additional cost plus shipping and handling.

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$9.95 1. U.S. Army Uniforms and Equipment, 1889 IBSN 0-8032-9552-9
$4.00 2. Regulations and Notes for the Uniform of the Army of the United States.
July 1872
IBSN 0-913150-80-0
  3. North South Trader's Civil War Collector's Price Guide
P.O. Drawer 631
Orange, Va 22960
(703) 672-4845
  4. Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia (Francis A. Lord)
$7.95 5. An Introduction To Civil War Small Arms
IBSN 0-939631-25-3
$9.95 6. Schuyler, Hartley & Graham Illustrated Catalog Of Civil War Military Goods
IBSN 0-486-24939-5
7. Trap Door Springfield IBSN 0-88227-28-1